Senior PGA Tour

Roger Hoit

April 16, 2023

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If you’re looking to enter the competitive world of golf, there are a few different senior tours. One is the Senior PGA Tour, also known as the Champions Tour.

To compete in a senior tour event, you must undergo a rigorous qualifying process. Go to the Champions Tour website and download the qualifying application (see references).


The Senior PGA Championship has been one of the top-notch tournaments for golfers 50 or older for decades. It was established in 1937 at Augusta National Golf Club and is now played at a different venue each year.

It is the oldest of the five major championships for senior golfers and still the most prestigious event in that category. The winner receives the Alfred S. Bourne Trophy.

Until 1954, the Senior PGA was a 36-hole event, but it eventually switched to a 54-hole format in 1958. Players are allowed to play an extra round, which increases the likelihood that the winner will win by a margin of at least one shot.

The idea for a senior tour came about following the success of an event known as the Legends of Golf. The tournament featured a competition between two-member teams of the best seniors of the time. It was a highly successful venture, and the PGA decided to establish the official Senior PGA Tour in 1980.


Unlike regular professional stroke play tournaments on the PGA Tour, which generally last two rounds of 54 holes, the five senior majors each consist of three games and a cut. This is because a golfer’s performance can vary from round to round, so playing an extra match increases the likelihood that the leading players will win these events.

The most successful senior golfers have a knack for combining skill and strategy to win. Some have even developed a reputation as game masterminds, such as Bernhard Langer and Gary Player.

The oldest of the majors is the Senior PGA Championship, first held in 1937. Other majors include The Tradition, which was renamed in 2007 and was the first of the majors to move from late August to early May, and the U.S. Senior Open, which was introduced in 1980 and is still the fourth of the majors in schedule order.


The Senior PGA is a branch of the PGA Tour designed explicitly for golfers aged 50 and above. It provides an excellent opportunity for seasoned players to continue competing at a high level, showcasing their skills and enjoying the camaraderie of their peers.

To be eligible for the Senior PGA, you must meet the eligibility requirements. Download the qualifying application (see references) and submit it to the Champions Tour with a copy of your birth certificate, results from two tournaments within the past year, and two letters of reference from a Class A PGA pro or a Champion Tour member.

The PGA Tour Champions is a men’s professional senior golf tour administered as a branch of the PGA Tour, giving it credibility and prestige in professional golf. In addition to the five senior majors, it hosts several smaller tournaments each season.


Several rules and regulations apply to senior majors. In addition to those listed below, some additional rules have evolved due to changes in the game of golf and its popularity among older players.

The PGA Rules Committee is responsible for the implementation and enforcement of all rules of golf at PGA events. The Rules Committee is comprised of 35 PGA Members.

The rules and regulations are designed to ensure the tournaments are conducted fairly. They are subject to change due to weather, course conditions, and other factors. If a rule is violated, the Tournament Director may add strokes or disqualify a player.