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Managing Director, Moelis & Company, Investment Banking

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In the realm of finance, Roger Hoit exemplifies leadership and expertise as a Managing Director at Moelis & Company. With a foundation built on over 25 years of investment banking experience, his proficiency spans the comprehensive suite of corporate finance transactions. His adeptness in mergers and acquisitions, leveraged buyouts, and the orchestration of both equity and debt financings, alongside strategic capital structure advisement, has established him as a pivotal figure among financial sponsor clients.

As the Chairman of the Private Equity Solutions Group, Roger's guidance reaches some of the most formidable Private Equity, Alternative Asset Management, and Family Office firms worldwide. Operating from the company's office in West Palm Beach, Florida, his career narrative is adorned with significant roles prior to Moelis & Company. His tenure as a Managing Director at Morgan Stanley in the Global Financial Sponsors Group marked the creation of a leading advisory service for financial sponsors. His career journey also includes impactful positions at SG Cowen, a segment of Société Générale, and leadership roles at Gleacher & Co., with his entry into finance commencing at PaineWebber Incorporated. His educational background is rooted in a B.A. in Economics from Amherst College.

His distinction extends into the golfing arena, where he is celebrated as an accomplished amateur golfer with a significant presence on both national and international stages. His participation in over 25 National Championships sanctioned by the USGA and the Royal & Ancient, including appearances in three professional "Major Championships," underscores his competitive spirit. His engagements have included the United States Senior Open Championships in 2015 and 2019 and the 2017 British Senior Open Championship. The year 2022 saw him compete in the U.S. Senior Amateur at the Kittansett Club and the British Senior Amateur at Royal Dornoch Golf Club in Scotland.

Hoit's recent achievements include representing the United States in The Bridges Cup in South Korea, leading to a victorious outcome against an international team in this biennial amateur competition. His golfing journey is further distinguished by his participation in prestigious Amateur Invitational tournaments globally, including The Crump Cup at Pine Valley Golf Club and the George Thomas Invitational at LACC, among others.

Adding to his accolades, he secured the Metropolitan Golf Association IKE Stroke Play Championship in 2006, won The Baltusrol Invitational four times, and claimed victory in several other significant amateur golf events. With over 30 Club Championships at renowned clubs like Baltusrol Golf Club and Eastward Ho!, his legacy in amateur golf is well-cemented.

Beyond finance and golf, Roger Hoit indulges in photography, embracing a passion for capturing moments through various mediums such as SLRs, drones, and iPhones. His photographic endeavors span diverse subjects and landscapes, with his artistic expressions accessible on rogerhoitphotography.com and his Instagram profile, @rhoit. This facet of his personality showcases his ability to see and interpret the world through a unique lens, adding depth to his multifaceted life.

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Roger Hoit

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