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Managing Director, Moelis & Company, Investment Banking

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Roger Hoit is now a Managing Director at Moelis & Company. In this role, he is responsible for providing financial sponsor customers with strategic guidance. Roger has worked in investment banking for over 25 years and has experience in originating and executing a wide variety of corporate finance transactions. These transactions include mergers and acquisitions, leveraged buyouts, equity and debt financings, as well as capital structure advisory transactions. The Private Equity Solutions Group is under Roger's leadership as Chairman. Roger's clientele consists of several of the most prominent private equity, alternative asset management, and family office businesses found anywhere in the globe. Roger is located in the Moelis & Company office in West Palm Beach, which is located in Florida.

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Private Equity Firm
March 24, 2023

The World’s Largest Private Equity Firm

Private equity (PE) firms are firms that invest in companies and bring about changes that increase the value of the company. These changes can be a result of the firm’s investments or mergers and acquisitions. In recent years, the focus of private equity has shifted from smaller buyouts to larger acquisition targets. This shift has […]

February 23, 2023

Four Types of Financial Service Providers

Financial service providers play an important economic role by enabling people to access funds. With them, matching funds with those who need them would be easy. There are four main types of financial service providers: commercial banks, investment banks, brokerage firms, and insurance companies. The purpose of each one is different, but they all help […]

February 13, 2023

Moelis: Is Moelis a Good Company to Work For?

Moelis is a global investment bank that provides financial advisory services. The Company offers M&A, restructuring, and strategic advising services to companies worldwide. The firm’s culture focuses on developing young professionals to lead the bank. Throughout their careers, employees can take on responsibility and receive extensive training. What is the work environment like at Moelis? […]

Financial Services
January 30, 2023

Financial Services : The Four Financial Service Businesses?

The financial services sector is divided into four groups. There are insurance firms, investment firms, stock brokers, and Wall Street enterprises. Each of these industries possesses distinctive qualities and skills. Therefore, while examining the financial services industry, it is essential to determine which kind of firms you are dealing with. Insurance firms Insurance providers offer […]

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