What does Moelis and company do?

Roger Hoit

December 26, 2022

Roger Hoit

Moelis and Company is a well-known global firm dedicated to managing employee data and facilitating restructuring mandates. It also serves as a platform for companies to conduct IPOs.


Moelis & Company is an independent investment banking firm that provides innovative strategic solutions. It offers advisory services in all major industry sectors. The company’s primary advisory services include mergers and acquisitions, valuation, debt advisory, and public debt.

Moelis & Company is an investment bank with offices in the US, Europe, Asia, and South America. In addition, the firm provides financial advisory services to clients on critical decisions.

The firm was founded in 2007 by Ken Moelis, a former UBS banker. After a life-saving investment from Warren Buffett, he left Goldman Sachs to start a business. Originally a smaller investment bank, it became one of the most ambitious examples of a Wall Street deal maker leaving a conglomerate.

The company plans to raise $243.5 million through an initial public offering. It will initially offer 7.3 million shares at $26 to $28 per share. Morgan Stanley & Co. and J.P. Morgan Securities LLC will underwrite the IPO. A $100 million placeholder will be set aside in the event of a failure to close the IPO.

Restructuring mandates

Moelis & Company is an investment bank that works in mergers and acquisitions, debt restructuring, and capital markets advisory. The firm’s shares have fallen 40% from their peak in November.

In early 2012, Moelis & Company announced a strategic alliance with SMBC, the second-largest Japanese bank. This agreement has helped Moelis advise on significant cross-border M&A deals.

Moelis & Company recently noted that the pace of new restructuring mandates had slowed dramatically, though the firm expects to be active shortly. There has been some talk of the firm’s possible acquisition by Blackstone, but the firm says it isn’t interested in doing that. Instead, Moelis wants to build upon its existing advisory platform.

One of the things Moelis wants to do is add a capital markets arm. However, it could be more apparent how the firm plans to do that.

Most restructuring firms need to break out their revenue by restructuring. Instead, they track the number of different metrics.

Drive the process

If you’re a fan of the financial services industry, you’ve probably heard of Moelis & Company. This global firm specializes in mergers and acquisitions and other strategic advisory services. They have offices across the US, Europe, and Asia. Currently, they employ about 650 people in 17 locations. As of December 2015, their top-line revenue amounted to $339.6 million, compared to $285.2 million a year prior. Their stock price is on the upswing, gaining over 19 percent annually.

Although it hasn’t been publicly disclosed, the company was in the business of selling some of its assets to the public as of September 2015. The best part is its CEO Ken Moelis has taken the company on a grand tour, putting his stamp on everything from its human resources to its IT department. It’s a long road ahead, but a successful turnaround is a surefire way to impress investors and employees.

On the flip side, Moelis has been one of the beneficiaries of some of the best deals on Wall Street. Moelis is the oh-so-successful harbinger of the banking industry’s recent boom. Besides impressive revenue and profit numbers, they’ve also garnered high-profile advisory mandates.

Employee data

Moelis and Company is an independent investment banking firm based in New York, New York. It provides services for clients worldwide. The company offers mergers and acquisitions, recapitalization, advisory services, and other solutions.

Moelis & Company employs 660 people. Some employees have been with the company for more than five years. A majority of employees earn over $100k. However, only one-third of them stay for eight to ten years.

Employee data for Moelis and Company is gathered from public data sources. These sources include BLS filings and H1B filings. This data is used to provide an in-depth look at the company.

Moelis & Company has a rare 8 to 10-year employee retention rate. A large number of Moelis and Company employees have Democratic Party affiliation. They also have a good deal flow. Only 42 other companies have achieved a higher receivable turnover ratio. In the last 12-month period, Moelis And Co’s revenue per employee have declined to $1,822,926.Other information that may be collected from Moelis & Company employees is their salary and benefits. For example, the average base salary for an Analyst at the company is $85k to $125k. Although these salaries are the averages, there are a lot of different salaries at the company.